Urban Explorers of Singapore (UEN: 53179187D) is a corporate entity dedicated to the authentic experience and movement of urban exploration. We concentrate primarily on rediscovering, studying, and chronicling forgotten man-made structures that few history books can hope to recreate. Taking on the role of an urban explorer is just part of a larger effort.

“urban exploration n. the investigation of manmade structures not designed for public consumption, from mechanical rooms to stormwater drains to rooftops; usually such areas are off limits”
— Infiltration: The zine about going places you're not supposed to go

Urban exploration is about more than just taking hauntingly beautiful photographs or advocating historical interest. Humans are designed to explore, and with exploration comes knowledge. Urbex — its shorthand name — reconnects us to the everyday spaces we pass by. It is a gateway to experiential learning. It reignites wonderment and encourages our natural instincts to explore, experience, evolve, and exceed. Since Singapore is rich in biodiversity, culture, and history, we are able to stimulate the movement further, allowing a countercultural phenomenon to evolve into an educational platform.

Urban Explorers of Singapore originated from “Ventures’ Club”, a leisure group founded on 7 March 1995. Our focus on exploration began on 30 November 2001 under the name “SGFreakyLinks”. By 9 September 2009, we were known as Urban Explorers of Singapore — also officially as Singapore Urban Explorers (UEN: 53179809K). We have been acknowledged by urban explorers in the international community as “true urban explorers in Singapore that do not dilute urbex’s good name”.

Our methodologies are essentially indistinguishable from those of the late Jeff Chapman. Under his nom de plume, “Ninjalicious”, Jeff is fondly remembered as a founder of contemporary urban exploration who preached the value, virtue, and ethics of exploring places. Urban Explorers of Singapore adheres to the code of ethics, rules of engagement, and dos and don’ts that Jeff promoted, because they not only preserve sites but also distinguish bona fide explorers from destructive trespassers.

Urban Explorers of Singapore is non-political; we do not stereotype; and we have no ulterior motives because we understand that urban exploration is free, fun, and hurts no one.

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